Our January 2015 Bride ~ Juliet

Hi Alaina & Hayley. 

My goodness. What a day! Just crawling into bed (husband passed out a while ago already!) but wanted to say what a wonderful day we had, and a lot of it was down to you and Hayley. 

Sorry our goodbyes were so rushed. I just wanted to say again what a wonderful job both of you did and how special you made me feel. We had such a lovely time getting ready yesterday morning, both Lettie and I. Thank you for being so good with her. 

My hair and make up looked AMAZING!! 

The make-up stayed flawless throughout the day (thank goodness you used primer hey - and my hair looked wonderful even after the wind got hold of it at the bandstand after the ceremony. A kindly friend repinned a little bit that made a bid for freedom! I was good to go after that. 

I honestly don't know how you ladies did it, but that is why you are both so good at what you do. 

I will forward some photos once we get them. I'm still buzzing after a truly unforgettable day but now need to try and get some sleep! 

Night night xxx